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SF Social Networking

HoustonSo yeah the band is on Facebook – if you get a chance head over and add us as a “fan”.  We’ve also recently uploaded two new songs to the SF My Space site.  Check out “Armadillo Boy” and “Houston, We Have a Drinking Problem” from the new, soon to be released, album: Three Nights.   “Houston…” is one of those astronauts-gone-bad story songs.  “Armadillo Boy” is a little less linear lyrically, but is basically a carnival love story about acceptance, belonging, and self realization.  Enjoy!  – Mick

Mick’s interview with New Jersey Stage

Recently, Mick Chorba of the Successful Failures chatted with the folks at New Jersey Stage to talk about his bands, the upcoming Successful Failures record, and his record company – Face Down Records. See the entire interview here at


While the band is busy at work following up last year’s “Ripe for the Burning”, the Successful Failures have released a few songs that remain from the “Ripe” sessions. “Time to Sell” is a new 3-song, digital-only single which includes the title track (actually, one of the first songs written for “Ripe”) as well as “Fishing Boat Picture” and a live track of “Your Cheatin’ Heart” – a cover of the Hank Williams classic recorded last year in Madison, Wisconsin. The single is available at iTunes as well as CDBaby. Download and enjoy!


The Successful Failures will release a 5 song EP/Advanced single on September 4, 2007 which features the new song, “Bridges Over the Delaware”, from the upcoming full length CD titled “Ripe for the Burning”. In addition, the EP also includes two excluive studio tracks including the superjangly “The Girl Who Never Smiled” and live versions of “Sewer Water” and “God Knows”. Hit our Merch page to pre-order the EP now!