My Fave Review of Our New Album

Love this review from the excellent JERSEY BEAT (covering indie music since 1982): “…Saratoga is a fine album because the Successful Failures have never released anything else; consider them the spiritual stepchildren of the Smithereens and Fountains of Wayne, and as irreplaceable a part of the Jersey landscape as Hammonton blueberries or the Princeton Record Exchange. Inspirational Verse: “Can’t keep myself from the anger, my employment place full of rancor, we sit here like disgruntled bankers, pulled down like we got weighted anchors attached to our legs.” Welcome to America, 2020. A”



Back to Ol’ Virginia!

No White Knight in Knoxville

The 3rd single from, Saratoga!  The video features some of the favorite spots the band has played over the years.

SF Beer Tour Rolls Through Chincoteague, VA

The SF Beer Tour rolls on. This stop finds SF in Chincoteague, VA at the fabulous Black Narrows Brewing Co. Mick Chorba solo acoustic. Special thanks to manager and barman Mike and Zack for their kindness and generosity. I really enjoyed playing many of our story songs like “Mike Malloy” and “Big Time in the Jungle” and “Baby Home Tonight”. I love a crowd that listens to the stories behind the tunes. Thanks for that! As far as the beer goes I was sipping on the pale ales – “Live from the Moon” (named so because of NASA base on nearby Wallops Island) and “Drivin’ the J” (named so because, according to manager Mike who grew up on the island, “there was nothing to do but ‘Drive the J’”…cruise around the 7 mile island in circles basically). Both beers are Delicious! This island has been a favorite spot of mine, so it was really satisfying to bring SF live music to Chincoteague. Was really cool to play for my family too as we celebrated the last night of vacation down in Ol’ Virginia.


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SF Beer Tour – Human Village Brewing Co.

I’ve come to a realization. Craft beer people = good people. Clearly this equation was proven true last night at Human Village Brewing Co. in Pitman, NJ evidenced by the awesomely enthusiastic and friendly owners, employees, and patrons at The Successful Failures Beer Tour. The room has a heady tradition of music…it’s one of those places that just sounds good. We got started with acoustic instruments but the evening evolved into a raucous, loud, and extremely fun night of electric rock and roll – it was a joy to have Pete Smith join us and Rob Martin on a drum kit for this one. As far as the beer goes, again, I was impressed by the musical inspired beer names. I focused my tastings on the “Abbey Road” IPA…as a poetry enthusiast of course I had to try the “O Captain, My Captain” obviously inspired by the Walt Whitman poem by the same name! Both delicious beers. Other notable beer name – “London Calling”. Any place that names a beer after this seminal Clash song is alright in my book. Sorry you missed it? No worries we’ll be back there on Friday Sept. 27th celebrating our new album, Saratoga with a special “4th Friday” show.

SF Beer Tour – Death of the Fox Brewing Co.

Thanks to Chuck Garrity for a fun and memorable evening as we brought the SF Beer Tour to his Death of the Fox Brewing Co. in Clarksboro, NJ. We loved the casual setting…how classy to play in front of a framed pic next to velvet curtains! We appreciated the music themed beer names too (Beer for Breakfast – the Replacements, Destination Ursa Major – Superdrag). Mick’s favorite beer was the Hazy Crazy Diamond IPA. Ron took a liking to the Stout. Rob was sipping on the Hessian Session. Creative tasty flavors. Video clips show us playing The Pogues’ “Sally Maclennane” and a debut acoustic version of our new song “Love You So”. The indie spirit lives large in this place thanks to owner Chuck Garrity and a super friendly bar staff. Thanks to all our friends/fans/family who came out to share in the good times. I highly recommend you check this place out and bring a growler to fill up and bring home. Proud to slap the DOTF sticker on my guitar case and include this place in our Beer Tour! Long live the Death of the Fox! – Mick


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Disgruntled Bankers – Lyric Video