Makin Waves Record of the Week: “Pack Up Your Shadows” by The Successful Failures

In less than a year from their last LP, Trenton-based The Successful Failures return with a new nine-song collection, “Pack Up Your Shadows.”  READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.

TOP 100 POWERPOP Songs of this Century

A really cool music blog based in the Netherlands compiled a really sweet list of the best powerpop songs of the last 20 years.  This is a legit list featuring some of our favorite bands like Sloan, Fountains of Wayne, Nada Surf, Weezer, Cheap Trick, Michael Carpenter, and Cliff Hillis as well as many more (well yeah…obviously 100 songs!).  Anyway, the editors selected “Hit the Ground Running” from our 2014 album Captains of Industry, Captains of War as NUMBER 40.  What an honor!  Check out the list here. It’s a fun read!  LISTEN TO ALL SONGS ON SPOTIFY.

New YouTube Channel

Looks like we’ll be doing more live videos than we ever planned, as the pandemic refuses to just go away. So we’ve gotten our house in order a bit and plan to use our YouTube Channel platform more than ever. So we ask you, dear listener, to help us out and SUBSCRIBE to our new channel. THANKS!


New Album To Be Released July 10: Pre-Order Now

New SF Music Video: The Ocean & The Stars

One Song a Day: Buckets of Rain

In an attempt to keep busy and stay connected Mick Chorba has been posting a song a day on Facebook including this cover of Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks‘ classic “Buckets of Rain”. Head over to the SF FB page for more and stay safe!!!

St. Patrick’s Day Cancelled

So there it is – all public gatherings…..all pubs/restaurants closed. We are hoping for a possible make-up day for these events post corona virus. We’ll keep you updated. Stay healthy. Be safe. Take care!

SF Not to Appear Tonight (3/13/20) in Towson, MD – Other Weekend Shows Still On

FYI! The Successful Failures will not perform tonight in Towson, MD. The Kurt Deemer Band are still set to perform. Show time 7:00. Other upcoming shows scheduled for this weekend (Saturday at Killarney’s and Saturday night at Tindall Rd. Brewery, and Sunday afternoon at Spellbound Brewing) are still on but check with SF social media for any last minute changes.

SF BEER TOUR – Spellbound Brewing

Thanks to all the good folks at Spellbound Brewery in Mt. Holly NJ for celebrating music and beer with us on Saturday, 2/15.  I was already a big fan of Spellbound before the show (we played a private event there late last year) so it is personally satisfying to feature them on our Beer Tour.  We brought the 3-piece version of the band with Mick on acoustic guitar, Ron on mandolin, and Rob on the cajun drum. The set list included SF songs from nearly all 7 of our albums plus a brand new song that I just recently wrote (“This Girl”).  We played a decent amount of Irish (getting ready for next month!). Also – great to be able to field requests from barman Matt for Replacements covers. We knew “Skyway”, and “Can’t Hardly Wait” quite well but seriously and tragically muddled our way through “Little Mascara”.  The place was packed – met lots of new friends and music fans and appreciated a lot of familiar faces who come to see us a lot – THANKS! As far as the beer goes Spellbound is legit. We stuck to the Pale Ale which is as good as any I’ve had and better than most. The brewers had a few special concoctions for Valentine’s Day including The Brut IPA with Strawberries – really creative fun stuff.  My recommendation? Pick up some Spellbound at your local beer store and also come out to see us when we return there on Sunday March 15th (early show 1:30 to ?). – Mick

Beer Tour Rolls On

Looking forward to revisiting Tindall Road Brewery on Sat. 3/14/20 – SF Originals Plus Our Favorite Pogues and Irish Traditional.