SF Beer Tour Rolls Through Chincoteague, VA

The SF Beer Tour rolls on. This stop finds SF in Chincoteague, VA at the fabulous Black Narrows Brewing Co. Mick Chorba solo acoustic. Special thanks to manager and barman Mike and Zack for their kindness and generosity. I really enjoyed playing many of our story songs like “Mike Malloy” and “Big Time in the Jungle” and “Baby Home Tonight”. I love a crowd that listens to the stories behind the tunes. Thanks for that! As far as the beer goes I was sipping on the pale ales – “Live from the Moon” (named so because of NASA base on nearby Wallops Island) and “Drivin’ the J” (named so because, according to manager Mike who grew up on the island, “there was nothing to do but ‘Drive the J’”…cruise around the 7 mile island in circles basically). Both beers are Delicious! This island has been a favorite spot of mine, so it was really satisfying to bring SF live music to Chincoteague. Was really cool to play for my family too as we celebrated the last night of vacation down in Ol’ Virginia.

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