SF Beer Tour – Human Village Brewing Co.

I’ve come to a realization. Craft beer people = good people. Clearly this equation was proven true last night at Human Village Brewing Co. in Pitman, NJ evidenced by the awesomely enthusiastic and friendly owners, employees, and patrons at The Successful Failures Beer Tour. The room has a heady tradition of music…it’s one of those places that just sounds good. We got started with acoustic instruments but the evening evolved into a raucous, loud, and extremely fun night of electric rock and roll – it was a joy to have Pete Smith join us and Rob Martin on a drum kit for this one. As far as the beer goes, again, I was impressed by the musical inspired beer names. I focused my tastings on the “Abbey Road” IPA…as a poetry enthusiast of course I had to try the “O Captain, My Captain” obviously inspired by the Walt Whitman poem by the same name! Both delicious beers. Other notable beer name – “London Calling”. Any place that names a beer after this seminal Clash song is alright in my book. Sorry you missed it? No worries we’ll be back there on Friday Sept. 27th celebrating our new album, Saratoga with a special “4th Friday” show.

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